Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanks, day twenty six

Today I am thankful for being mostly over my cold. Yay! It's surprising how much a little thing like that can affect your life. Of course, then I was riding the cancer center shuttle with patients today all identified as an employee and I broke into a coughing fit, hacking all over the place. I was not, in other words, anything like this:

(from my trusty government agency, the CDC, which also advises me in how to diagnose myself with rare infectious diseases)

Sorry! I get a D+ in public health for today.


Melanie said...

Shouldn't the Center for Disease Control have better advice than just "use a tissue"? I really hope they've got more than Kleenex up their sleeve.

Karmyn R said...

Last time I went to the doctor's office they had masks at the counter with a sign that said, "Please use if you have an infectious cough".

and then I swallowed some spit down the wrong throat and started coughing like crazy and everyone looked at me. ...I even got a glare from the receptionist.