Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks, day twenty one

Is it twenty one or twenty-one? Hyphen or no? My mother-in-law arrived today. That's all I'll say about that for now. We are having Thanksgiving with both Jeff's and my family all together for the first time since our wedding. Could go either way. Each family's insanities could cancel each other out and it could be fine. Or, they could multiply, like bunnies in Woodland Park. I am now happy that I have done fuzzy good-person posts about cats and hunger, it's like a free pass, right? I just put a speedbump on my road to h#ll. In case there is a mean ol' post brewing in my soul.

If it gets rough, I'll just focus on the stuffing. Yay! Large plates of it for all! Yum!

I'm thankful for Thanksgiving. We have people who get on planes to come see us, that is a nice thing indeed.

Happy happy day to all.

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Melanie said...

Ooooh. Good luck. The mingling of families can be a tricky, tricky thing. The baby will surely help. Everyone loves babies!

Six years ago, when B. and I were young, dumb, and freshly engaged, we had a joint Thanksgiving with both sets of parents and sibs. My family is Catholic, his is Quaker.

Guess which one of us spent several frantic pre-dinner hours saying, "Please, please just don't offer his little sister wine! Do we even have to have wine? OK, but just three bottles of wine. I'm hiding the rest of the wine! And no profanity or blasphemy. Especially blasphemy. Just for this ONE holiday, OK, Dad?"