Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thanks, day eight

Today I am thankful for my overeducation. It really is ridiculous, how much of it I have. The craziest? I haven't had to pay for the last five years of it. Guess who has? You! (If you are American, that is. My friend who outed me is a Canadian, some other foreign-type folks are paying for her education).

Yup, a few taxpayer dollars are earmarked to teach me to do research (operative word there is "few"). Armed with the training yall are providing I am to go out into the world next June and conduct research that helps prevent disease and, even harder, improves well-being. Fighting the good fight. I don't think about this all that often, but I'm actually for real life grateful for this opportunity. I lived in a "developing" country as a child and I know that it is just luck that I got to be born in a free country that values the health of its citizens. So philosophically I'm right where I need to be. As if that weren't enough, it is a nice life. I have time to have ideas, and smart people listen to them. No way! I am a lucky one indeed.

And it is all thanks to you! Thank you!

Shoot, now if I can't find a job when I graduate and open a bakery and have ten kids instead yall can be like, what? Where's the disease you are preventing? Time to pay the piper! And I'll be all, oops. But hopefully the joy you will get from eating my scones prevents much disease and improves your well-being.

Tomorrow I will take pictures of my cookbooks. There will be visual aids at some point this weekend, just you wait. It's party time over here at WC.


Who She She said...

You're welcome. Feel free to send me some scones.

Melissa said...

Yeah me too!

Great entry by the way :)

childlife said...

Well, let's see... you've already discovered the cure for West Nile... what more could we ask, really? : )