Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks, day nineteen

Today I'm thankful for my cats. They have been with me for a long, long time. I got them when I was 21 and they were babies, eight weeks old, in 1995. They have been lovingly at my side through about eight moves, four cities, many tears, much angst (my whole twenties, for heaven's sake), a couple roommates, a husband, and now a bubba. Who, I might add, they are very gracious about even though they are sure he is a troll and would much prefer I take him back to the troll store now thank you very much. It takes some serious grace to go from first most important in Nora's life EVER ever ever to second, there's that guy around all the time there goes having a crazy spinster cat lady for a person, to third (troll) without so much as a pee on the rug in protest. These cats have some serious class.

Bubba is bigger than this cat now, but it took him awhile.

They have taught me about unconditional love, and about the importance of just sitting there sometimes. Like my sweet amazing cat did with me through every minute of two days (TWO DAYS!) of labor. I'm thinking this was not that fun for her. Seriously. She even let me squeeze her during contractions. I love this cat.

I can't believe I'm posting a picture of myself in labor. These were to go into the vault of pictures never ever to be seen again. Perhaps the vault of pictures that should never have been taken (my man had to do something to amuse himself for two days, eh?) THAT is how much I love my cats.


Mrs. G. said...

You are the only person I know whose midwife was a feline. These pictures are fantastic. Your little Bubba is so fresh and new.

This was an especially sweet tribute to your kitties. I have two and I love them.

Kelly Malloy said...

Love the kitty curled up with the baby! Too cute! We call our little guy Bubba too!

Mary Alice said...

What a nice tribute. Our pets are like family too. Every thing I have learned about unmitigated joy has been from my Golden Retriever.

Who She She said...

That's a sweet picture of bubba and cat. Looks like the cat we had to get rid of after my kids were born (lots of rug-peeing). I still feel badly about it. Our other cat is now my husband's domain. I feel like I have NO time for her. Thankfully, he makes time.

susan said...

I'm pretty sure that my cat still hasn't forgiven me for bringing children into her world...and it's been nearly sixteen years now!

I really liked this speaks to my heart.

Melissa said...

That's a great post, and great pictures.

I'm thankful for your cats too. :)