Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I've been outed! and thanks, day six

Oh no! A friend of mine found my blog!
This is a major moment that I hoped would never happen, where my impostor syndrome kicks into high gear. I've been found out. Deep breaths.

Wait, where are the flashing lights? The blog police? The report that I've been uncovered as the fraud I am?? This is all very anticlimactic. Still just sitting here, typing away...

Oh well, another excuse to post a picture of bubba. Pretty sure he doesn't think I'm a fraud. And he's right. I'm the real deal with him.

Today I am thankful for the coffee shop where I worked today. Instead of being cooped up in my office seeing the same people who are just like me, I got to spend a few hours overhearing other slices of life. A mangosteen juice saleslady, a house inspector, someone who had just quit her job to strike out on her own doing something nonprofitty and important like feeding the hungry, a bunch of lawyers having a meeting. And those were just the people who talked. Who knows what all the singletons like me were up to. Things got interesting when it turned out the house inspector knew the hunger lady, and they had a big hug and "call me later yes I'll call you later SO SO great to see you" exchange. And then the hunger lady explained to her friends how the house inspector lady was such a bitch because she (hunger lady) had forgotten to add house inspector lady's partner to an Evite and it was a simple oversight because there were like 50 people on the Evite and anyway house inspector lady should have known that her partner was invited. And ever since said Evite incident house inspector lady has been snubbing hunger lady. I love this stuff.


Who She She said...

I completely identify with the fear of being outted as a blogger. But what's the worst thing your friend would discover -- that you're a thoughtful and excellent writer? (How did she find out, anyway?)
I found you through NaBloPoMo.

Your kid is quite cute, but you already know that.

Cori@SAHMbles said...

That is a great picture! It made my day.

I would think working in a coffee shop would be a great job and provide many, many blogging opportunities.

Mac and Cheese said...

I was outed by a friend whom I had bitched about in one of my posts. Oops! I don't bitch anymore.

Alex Elliot said...

How did they find you? So far I haven't been outed, knock on wood.

Melissa said...

Almost every time I post something I think "Is there anyone I know in real life who I'd mind reading this." (Paranoid? Me? ;) )

And your coffee shop story is great!