Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanks, day fourteen

Today I'm thankful for Blogger, because it has been telling me I'm doing a good job in big lovely letters for 14 days in a row. I still get a little rush every time I see it, like a gold star on my homework in second grade. This is what I see every time I hit "publish":

Your blog post published successfully!

How awesome is that? Big letters, an exclamation point! I! Published! A! Post! This must be a major accomplishment or the letters wouldn't be so large, surely.

I have to take what I can get, some days...

And, another image from my cookbook collection, this one from "Twenty Lessons in Domestic Science," published 1916. This book belonged to my great grandmother.

I'm tempted to be all, housewife? ha! Less fortunate sisters? ha! How far we have come! Our worth as women isn't all about the quality of your cooking anymore, thank heavens. Then I see this headline on the cover of the latest issue of Sunset magazine: "recipes your friends will beg for."

Yup, at least some of our worth is still tied up in the quality of our cooking. And that's okay with me even though most would consider me their "less fortunate sister" in the cake department.


Melanie said...

Very funny. That should be your tagline: "Whopping Cornbread: the envy of my less fortunate sisters."

Plus? Sunset? I would expect that headline on Redbook or Woman's Day or some other magazine I don't read and can't think of.

Mac and Cheese said...

If I had a sister, I would be the less fortunate of the two of us. I can live with that.

BTW, I just tagged you.