Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thanks, day seven

Man, this is tough! And it's only the seventh day of the month. Perchance I needed a few more months of blogging chops before taking on this NaBloPoMo thing. I'm all, OK! I'll do it! Will it make you like me? Sure, I'll try that funny cigarette! You have a bridge in London for me to buy? I'll take it! "Gullible" is too in the dictionary. Isn't it?

No seriously, this is fun. I hope I'm still married at the end of the month though. (Tired. Punchy. Going to bed soon).

So today I'm thankful for America's Next Top Model. It is such a wonderfully guilty indulgence. And it is guilty, because I know that by my very fanhood I am encouraging the objectification of young girls. I know! But they are so horrible to each other, it makes me feel good about myself (schadenfreude, anyone? Seriously.) And it is cute how badly they all want this, how they want to prove themselves to Tyra. And I am always happy for the one who wins (my money's on Heather), for real. I'm waiting for one of them to make it big. And I love the photography. Seriously, it's art. And for an hour I can be who I was before this mommy thing happened.


Melissa said...

Hey *I* like this show! :D It's one of the few "reality-ish" shows I'll watch if I notice it's on. I think I like it for different reasons though. I like watching auditions, but not the ones where people phone in to vote. (I'll watch the early auditions for American Idol, but stop once the audience vote comes into play!)

Great blog by the way :) This was fun to read! Thanks for stopping by mine!

boogiemum ( said...

we all need our non-mommy vices. If you feel bad about watching the show, just think to yourself- hey, I could be doing crack, it could be worse :) See now your show doesn't seem so bad...

Worker Mommy said...


And yes I'm rooting for Heather too.