Monday, November 12, 2007

Thanks, day twelve

So today I am thankful for the veterans. I don't actually know too many myself, but both Jeff and my grandpas were in WWII. My grandfather signed up to be a math teacher, I think, something bookish since he was a teacher in real life. They did the ol' switcheroo and instead he got to be commander of one of those landing boats that took the soldiers from the big ship onto shore. You know, the ones from the old footage where the front flattened down to let the soldiers out and often the first few rows of guys were just sacrificed to enemy fire. So my grandfather wasn't really the same after that, came back kind of wacky they say. He died soon after I was born, and I think I (and more importantly, my mom and grandma) lost him long before that, on that boat somewhere. But the country got his service, so we all could be safe.

And today I am thankful that bubba is in one piece. Today we were waiting at a crosswalk and one car stopped for us to cross but the car behind him didn't and rear-ended him going at quite a clip. Both cars skidded and came within a few feet of the stroller. I think bubba was all like, Cars! Cool! But my heart stopped. That thing where you'd throw yourself in front of a moving train for your bubba? Yup, I'd do that.


TwoSquareMeals said...

Thanks for visiting my site, and thanks for the reminder to be grateful for our freedom and those who sacrificed for it. Glad your little one is safe.

I'll be back and hope to see you around my place some, too. I see we have Lyle Lovett in common!

Mac and Cheese said...

That cross walk incident would have me messed up for the rest of the week. I'm glad you are both ok.