Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanks, day twenty four

Thursday is bubba's first birthday and in my fantasy world when you check here Thursday there will be a birth story for the ages and a video montage of his first year to make you cry cry cry and go, oh NOW I see how much she loves her bubba. I GET it. But his birth story locked up inside me and it won't come out. And I still haven't picked music for said video montage. And other thoughtful posts seem to be backed up behind that there clog. I need some writer's Drano. So. I like it when other bloggers post mundane details of daily living, it is like taking a walk at dusk and seeing into people's windows. Want to see in mine?

Today, "later" arrived to clean off my desk. Here's the before shot:

I read somewhere that there are two types of organizers. First, the ones who file everything as soon as they are done with it. And then there are the pilers, who let things accumulate to some sort of breaking point then sort everything at once. I am a piler (to state the obvious). The article also said that filers have neater desks but their files are often difficult to navigate because there is a lot of unnecessary stuff there. And pilers, we have messy desks but our files are pristinely beautiful and easy to navigate because they only contain the essentials.

So today I am thankful because I do actually have the capacity to sort and file! Here's the after shot:

Not bad for a piler. I found the lens cap for the camera, and some loose change, and I recycled a lot of paper that did not need to be filed. I kept these, though:

And in the spirit of remembering the first year of motherhood--since that birth story may or may not be forthcoming-- I found (and kept, for now--it was just so intense) the literature from the lactation consultant after bubba "failed" to regain his birthweight.

See it there, in fine print, where it says "you are a terrible mother who is starving her baby"? Just after "if he were born on the tundra ten thousand years ago he would die because you cannot nourish him" and before "all women who make enough breast milk are better than you." Then a little further down: "if you had only tried a little harder you wouldn't have to give him formula which I guess won't kill him but see above." I could have sworn it said that the first ten times I read it last December. That part about bub's newborn days, I don't miss that. Falling in love with him? That was better.

And one more thing, a postcard that I bought because surely I will send it to someone someday. Here! I'll send it to you. Wish you were here! XOXO, Nora


Melissa said...

Great entry! I loved all of it :)

Mac and Cheese said...

I'm a tidy piler. I make my piles where no one can see them, creating the illusion that I'm a filer.

TwoSquareMeals said...

Oooh! I'm a tidy piler, too. Even as a teenager I would let the piles accumulate in my room until I got crazy and had to straighten it all up. My usual method is getting three bags, one for things to throw away, one for things to give away, and one for things to file away. Glad to know there are others out there!

Anonymous said...

Nice work there, Nora. You might actually be able to sit down and get some work done.

Love the postcard, but it doesn't work for the last few days does it? Today was spectacular.

Mrs. G.

Melanie said...

Nice piles, but even nicer clean desk. You are brave; I have too much pile shame to ever post pictures of my piles on the Internet.

Also, we are laptop twins, apparently.

Also, I'm glad you're Bubba wasn't born on a tundra thousands of years ago.

Lastly, Happy first birthday, Bubba!

Holly said...

That postcard made me laugh. Great job cleaning the desk :)

Suzanne said...

Way to go with the organizing!

I had the same mis-readings of my nursing manuals when my kids were infants, too. Of course, there were plenty of online sources that came right out and SAID those things, but I also filled in the blanks myself.