Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jury duty

So this woman I work with is out today for JURY DUTY, very civic of her and all. We had all the small talk about that whole thing, tell them everyone is your cousin! HA! They won't pick you for a jury. And my jury duty story that I tell at these WATER COOLER THINGS (who has water coolers any more? I need to be on Mad Men. Except they have like whiskey tables instead of water coolers) is that I've only been chosen once and it was while I was away on my study abroad in Merry Olde England, so my parents wrote a letter for me saying ha, she's away in England and all the defendants are her cousins, thank you bye, and then I left Pennsylvania. And then I moved all over the eastern seaboard--catch me, jury duty!--and then I moved to Seattle. And bought a HOUSE and such, you know it's only a matter of time. But still I was feeling IMMUNE to jury duty, like I would NEVER get picked because I'm 36 and it has never happened even though I've been in the same place for SIX YEARS now (!). And my coworker just got picked so it's like lightning striking, I figured it gave me at least another few years to play with jury-free.

But then it came today! My first real jury duty summons! The very day my coworker is at jury duty. What are the CHANCES? CONGRATULATIONS! it said. It is an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE and a DUTY and part of living in a DEMOCRACY and blah blah. I agree, of course. I'm even a little proud, being the closet patriot that I am. But anyway. Here's hoping for a good story to come out of the day that will inspire me. I think it's even in the same courthouse where I got MARRIED, going through the metal detectors in a WEDDING DRESS like a goofball, the end.