Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanks, day sixteen

Today I am participating in a party over at Derfwad Manor and telling yall about my favorite things. This is also my thankfulness for the day, because of course I'm thankful for my favorite things...

(Leaving people and animals off this list, by the way)

-Just about any combination of bread and cheese. Haven't really found one I don't like yet.
-My kitchen
-Autumn leaves of any sort
-Most things that have anything to do with autumn, really. Hot chocolate, football games (I don't even know the rules, just like the feeling of game day), rain, scarves, down vests
-No, my down vest gets its own bullet
-The rolling hills of Pennsylvania
-Our piano
-My collection of trashy chick-lit novels
-Mount Rainier
-Lake Tahoe
-My wedding ring
-Our Tempurpedic bed
-Taking cab rides in Manhattan
-Getting a surprise upgrade to business class on a flight to Europe
-Fresh blueberries in summer
-The weather in Northern California
-The redwood forests in Northern California
-The wine country in Northern California
-The wine in Northern California
-Having money in the bank
-Fire in the fireplace on a winter night (we don't have a working fireplace)
-Christmas lights all year round
-The theme song from Titanic
-Naps, especially if they involve snuggling
-PG Tips tea, with milk of course
-My laptop
-My photos
-Photos of me that make me look good
-My blog
-Kindness of strangers
-My Netflix subscription
-Scones, no nuts
-Finding a parking spot close to the cart return at the grocery store

Wow, you don't have to read that, it's too long. But that should give a taste. Thanks, Mrs. G!


Mrs. G. said...

I like many things on your list, but TEMPURPEDIC BED caught my eye. It has been on the top of my wish list (another post perhaps) for so long. We have three of the pillows and sometimes I line them up vertically and pretend they are a bed. Sigh.

Zenmomma said...

Reading a chick-lit novel in business class on a Europe flight...priceless.

JCK said...

Oh, I like your list. Can any favorite list be too long? I don't think so. Glad to see we have bread & cheese in common. Cab ride in Manhattan - good one. And love your trashy chick lit novels...

see you there! said...

Looks like you need to come visit Northern California. I'm up and down the Napa Valley regularly.

I have a new-to-me bread/cheese recipe to try. Hope I can get to it this weekend.


Melanie said...

Like others, I am 100% with bread/cheese combo. There really is no cheese and bread I will not eat, even American cheese toasted on thin, white bread has it's unique charms.

You like cab rides in Manhattan? Cab rides in Manhattan give me a white-knuckled panic attack, I must be chicken.

ellen said...

I found your site because of the delightful mrs. g. I was reading about your love of scrapple. Me too. I have a 1936 Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook that was my mother's. It even has poetry sprinkled here and there. The front and back covers are wooden! How cool is that? If you need the recipe for pickled pigs' feet, beef tea, or Lancaster County Lima Beans, just give a shout.I can also provide recipes for schnitz pie, Indian muffins and Aunt Hannah's Lebkuchen.

Mary Alice said...

Northern California seems to be a recurring favorite - I understand - I grew up there and now am a Patriotic nomad. Sometimes big old waves of homesickness for the California light, and smell, and feel, just wash right over me.

Janet said...

bread and cheese...swoon :-)

I see from one of your commenters that you like scrapple! My Mom was from Lancaster so of course we had it growing up. With maple syrup...yum!

Linda said...

You say bread and cheese - I think Grilled Cheese - is there anything better this side of sex?

Irish Goddess said...

It just struck me - I do love football, but the way you phrased it made it click for me. It's the feeling of football, much more than the game itself.

Lovely list. And those hands on your banner? Scrumptious!

Laura said...

Lucky you! I have been coveting the Tempurpedic mattress for years now. (I do have one pillow!) One day I'll have the set! Also, I had meant to add the redwoods to my list! Definitely one of my favorite places. I love your list I think it's just great to remember that there are oodles of beautiful things in the world.