Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spoon update

I am proud to say that bubba has continued to build a healthy attachment relationship with his spoon, first introduced here.

He and the spoon continue to relationship-build, sharing many hours of play time. Sometimes true friends just don't need to talk, they can just be together, you know?

While he remains possessive of his attachment to the spoon,

...he can now be parted from his spoon without tears, yet rejoices in being reunited with it. He has the occasional playdate with a spatula or ladle, but he lovingly returns again and again to the primary kitchen implement relationship, the spoon.

I think he is going to make a great spouse one day.


Mary Alice said...

I love the middle photo...he looks like he's thinking..."don't even think about it lady. You're not getting my spoon."

see you there! said...

There's nothing like a man in the kitchen to get my heart fluttering! He's definately going to make some girl happy.


Vanessa said...

A great spouse indeed! Cooks, handsome, great smile, what else could they ask for?

Oh, maybe hold off on the pots and pans while he has that spoon. Unless you have Advil. ;)

Seriously, he's adorable!

Mrs. G. said...

I like loyalty in a man, but I'm glad he's keeping his options open.

Melanie said...

The return of Bubba's spoon! I love the spoon.

She She said...

I think you should make t-shirts and sell them on etsy. "Love the Spoon!" What do you think?

Nora Bee said...

It's a great idea, were I the least bit crafty. :-)

ellen said...

Oh, better a spoon or spatula than a knife! He is so adorable.
I don't know where I've been to have missed your last few posts. Hope everyone is feeling on the up and up and that you are all well.
Have a great weekend.
p.s. I love the "B Nora".

Claire B. said...

Adorable story, adorable kid!!

painted maypole said...

i wih my husband had such a relationship with kitchen implements

thanks for stopping by my blog!