Thursday, January 3, 2008

Seattle city lights

The days are pretty short 'round these parts these days, so I, like many an enterprising Northwesterner, look for light where I can get it. I need not go far and I am rewarded! Light everywhere. These from a recent walk around the neighborhood, all taken before 5pm. While we are waiting for the days to get gloriously long again, we can get:

(yes please)

Or something a little stronger:

To go with our:


Which we may want before we take in a: get out of the:

And lest we forget personal grooming, there is light to show us the way to

...which we may want before going to the:

...for the ummm seasonally affected among us.

And my most deliciousest pleasure of early darkness: peeking in other people's windows as I stroll by. Honestly it's not about the people. In fact I look away if there are people. More about the decor, the warmth, the appearance of simplicity and harmony. A peek into life's next phases since just about any house I pass is nicer/bigger/remodeled/older children than ours. A peek into my own house from the outside:

Here's to an abundance of light, light, light. It's everywhere, even in Seattle in January.


Melanie said...

These are great. And, yes, sneaking glimpses inside other houses and is always an illicit little thrill.

BTW: I just took a big set of Boise signage photos! Great minds flailing around for blogging material think alike.

Mary Alice said...

That was great. Your house looks cozy and warm.

see you there! said...

Thanks for the tour. There weren't any lights at all at our house this morning, electricty was out due to the current storm. The worst part was No Coffee! We grind beans every morning. I stood there with the (electric) grinder in one hand and the jar of beans in the other and nearly sobbed, hahaha. I know we have a manual grinder stored away somewhere. Guess who is going to be looking for it.



Who She She said...

Nice photo essay!

forgetfulone said...

What a creative post. Thanks!

Claire B. said...

Love Wallingford! Love your photos. Love peeking into others' homes. No matter what decor, they always look cozy this time of year. Great post!

Childlife said...

Well that was like a little walking tour - very neat post! Love the view through your window too : )

Vanessa said...

I miss the actual seasons in Seattle. I lived there for almost 5 years and now find myself in Gluttonous, TX. I miss Seattle and bigger isn't always better.

Melissa said...

Liked these photos too :)