Monday, September 8, 2008

Lentil orzo soup: soul food at the Bees

In case you wondering what I'm going to do with all that orzo...
Here tis, from Indian Home Cooking by Suvir Saran and Stephanie Lyness. I was intrigued, partly because I don't have any of the spices called for in the other recipes in the book, and partly because he calls it his "chicken soup for the soul." Right he is.

Put 12 cups water to boil.

Start 1/4 cup oil heating in your $12 cast iron pan. Thank heavens your mother taught you about cast iron pans.

Meanwhile chop two medium onions pretty finely. Add to oil.

When water boils, add two cups French green lentils and one tablespoon of salt.

Gaze lovingly at Le Creuset soup pot. Feel unworthy.

Wonder what Suvir Saran looks like. Google and find out.

Cook onions until very dark brown but not burned, about 20 minutes. Stir every few minutes and constantly at the end to avoid burning.

Vow to post more often on blog.

Gaze at sleeping baby.

Wonder how people who photograph their food all the time possibly have the patience and dexterity, not to mention the natural light.

Get ready for most exciting part of the whole thing.

When onions are done, the lentils should be mostly cooked. Put one cup of the lentil mixture into onion pan (I use a little more than a cup, I think. More sizzle). Stand back! Watch the sizzle!

Cook most of water off the onion mixture, stirring occasionally.

When onion stuff is a nice gooey mess, not watery anymore, add to lentils. Begin salivating.

Add 1/2 cup orzo, in flagrant disregard to recipe, which calls for 1/4 cup. Feel a little guilty. Do anyway.

Cook on medium heat until lentils and orzo are cooked through, about ten more minutes.

Stare at sleeping baby some more.
Take vitamins.

When lentils and orzo are cooked through, remove from heat. Let stand 4-6 hours for soup to "thicken."

Reheat to serve. If normal person, follow recipe and serve with lemon juice, lemon wedge, and parsley for garnish.

If at my house, get yourself a big bowl, add some lemon if we have it lying around, skip it otherwise. Dig right on in. Chair optional.

Forget to take food porn shot of finished product.
Feel broken heart mend.
Restore faith in human spirit.
Feel like good mother when baby recognizes soup, says "mmmmmmm," and eats whole bowl.
Repeat last five steps as needed.


Mrs. G. said...

mmmmmmmmmm....those onions......mmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Well, if it's as tasty as Suvir Saran, I'll take a bowl full.

ellen said...

I can almost smell it! Yummy indeed. I love lentils.

Lisa Milton said...

Smells heavenly.

(I'm sure it does.)

These are my favorite kind of recipes, complete with eye candy.

smalltownmom said...

I want to smell it! Mmmmmm. But how could you wait 4-6 hours? I would be digging in way too soon.

Janet said...

that looks soooooooooooo delicious!!!

Mama Goose said...

That looks amazing! I've got a weekend project and I can't wait!

Misty said...

oh my gosh. YUM!!!

sarah bean said...

Mmmm yum. And that's what orzo is. I have been educated as well as entertained - bargain.

Those people who take cooking photos every day? Have big skylights in their kitchen. Well, at least one of them does. Yours were beeeutiful.

MamaBird said...

no guilt. recipe directions call for *doctoring* as my brothers would say. adore yr pics and I heart lentils AND orzo. what could be better? the fact that your baby et it all up. sigh.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The food looked good, but the sleeping baby looked positively delish!

All Adither said...

Yum, thanks for that cooking idea!

Vanessa said...

Those last five steps are exactly what I needed! I'm headed to the grocery now if it's really this easy!

apathy lounge said...

That looks positively yummy!

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

you crack me up...

lovely soup! must try it.

Nowheymama said...

This looks so good! I never thought about using orzo in Indian food....

Grounded Girl said...

I'm making this for the first time and oh wowee wow wow... It looks and smells reaaaaaaaally good! New favorite non-mac-n-cheese comfort food!

Melissa said...

-Suvir Saran was at your house?


syhcool said...

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