Thursday, August 23, 2007

That was so, like, 1980s

Wow, just coming back from nearly a week without internet because our service was down. Remember those days? I didn't have email until college (1991), and then I had to go to the computer lab on campus to check it. And then there was dial-up, what a treat that was! And now I'm all cranky because my high speed is down for several days. And I can't even use dialup as a backup since we have internet phone too. It was a few days in the dark ages, I tell you. I was wanting to call the phone company and rage away, and I'm normally quite the mild-mannered doormat type of customer. Hoo boy! But now it's back, in the nick of time.

At any rate, I'm still leaving my bubba at the orphanage, and still hate it. Is that what motherhood is, just picking things you will hate less? I don't like leaving him there, but I also don't want to stay at home. I guess staying home would be worse for me, or I wouldn't keep doing this day care thing. But man on man, I don't like it. This morning he sobbed when I left. Rip my heart out, why don't you? But to be fair, when I went to visit him at lunch he was all like, I'm busy, mom, what's the big deal, trying to beat on the tupperware with a block here, give me some space, yeah here's a hug now can I get back to it? Where's my 8 pound baby???

In other news, we are preparing for a short visit from my mother-in-law and her sister. It is a tense family time since she has just left her husband of 30 years. I've never witnessed a divorce close up and boy does it suck. I know sometimes it's best, but it seems pretty destructive from where I'm standing, like how could anyone possibly recover.

Some eye candy:

I know! I'm one of those mothers that posts pictures of her kid all the time. When did this happen (and I don't even know how to rotate the flippin thing)? But look at him! He can CRAWL! And he has a tooth! And pull himself up all fancy like.

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micpro said...

Awwww! He is sooo cute and looks so doggone pleased with himself : ) What a great picture!