Thursday, August 2, 2007

I left my baby in an orphanage, again

I left him there again. I put him to sleep and then left him there. I came back a couple hours later to check on him, and he was lying on the floor screaming his brains out. Nobody comforting him, holding him, nothing. The teacher said he's having teething pain. Except that he STOPPED CRYING when I picked him up and hasn't cried the rest of the day. Because there's no way I was going to leave him there screaming. I'm not saying she was wrong, he is 8 months old and no teeth after all, so it's bound to be a correct statement one of these days that he has teething pain. But how can you let him just lie there and cry?? My precious bubba?

But she did feed him, things are looking up in that department. Crap. Maybe the world will change and I won't have to take him back on Monday. Maybe staying home will become wonderfully stimulating and just be enough. Maybe my advisers will give me a PhD because I'm cute and just generally deserve it and I won't have to actually finish the projects.

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