Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In which we are total pansies and buy a pre-picked pumpkin from the pumpkin patch

But, but, was raining! Not like a gentle caressing Pacific Northwest drizzle. Like a real life RAIN. I mean, *I* would be up for a scrum against all the other city people for the best pumpkin, but really? A 10 month old? Muddy? Cold?

Did I mention seriously raining?

And the pumpkins looked so pretty! Me like pretty pumpkins....

But hey, remember my country living fantasy? We found a property out there near the pumpkin patch! A farmhouse, next to the river. Land. I don't think we will look seriously at that one. All sorts of real life things enter in when we talk about it too long. Commutes. Price of gas. Nora going out of her mind being stuck in the country with a baby. Flood plains. Lack of take-out restaurants. But it seriously got us thinking and talking about working toward a more rural lifestyle. J was even calculating commutes and mortgage payments. So maybe when our real life next house (we are looking) comes along we will be ready to take the plunge. Make the change. See the cow says moo for our own selves and not from a board book.

Meanwhile, this kid has seriously conquered his pumpkin, no? The pesky matter of who trudged into the field for it (probably on some glorious sunny day) will be erased by history.


DaniGirl said...

Man, that is some serious rain! But a seriously cute baby, too!!

(followed you back from your comment at my place - Hi!! - and really wanted to comment just so I could tell you that I absolutely LOVE your banner photo, not to mention the idea of using a random word generator for a blog title, but mostly it's about the banner photo and the ramblingest introductory comment ever.)

Christine said...

I haven't seen rain seriously come down like that since one day in August (monsoons).

He is an adorable baby and look how excited he is to pick out his pumpkin.

childlife said...

A ten-month-old and rainy, cold, muddi-ness? You are hereby pardoned from selecting pre-picked pumpkin patch pumpkins. In, fact, you deserve a medal for not turning the car about and heading for the nearest Safeway store : )