Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things I have learned from four days of bubba's explosive diarrhea

  1. I really prefer the regular poop.
  2. I thought I had too many pants for him? I really don't.
  3. Pedialyte is really %$# expensive.
  4. Diarrhea> long naps of course with mama because so so clingy> bursts of energy at night> tired mama> little time for my precious blog. (Those are "arrows," not "greater thans.")
  5. There are germs all over my house. I think I can see them. Get them! Eww!
  6. Thank the Lord in Heaven for washing machine in my house. (Remind me to tell you sometime about Jeff's grandmother who raised six (SIX!) kids in the mountains with cloth diapers and no washing machine. Bless her. She's a little wacky now, and I say you can be as wacky as you want after that. Especially if there was a diarrheal illness thrown in. She shoulda had a blog.)
  7. First week of husband's new job with long hours and longer commute is not the best week for mean ol' virus to attack my bubba.
  8. Some circumstances call for early opening of Halloween candy (for quality control purposes) and serious consideration to turning off all lights and having it for dinner.
  9. See #1.


Alex Elliot said...

After that, I say that your entitled to as many bags of Halloween candy as you want! I like to think that when I try out different restaurants I'm performing an important public service by making sure that the restaurants are good! I hope your son feels better soon.

Meisha said...

Oh, man that's awful. I hate getting diarrhea, but it's 100 times worse when your kid gets it. I hope it goes clears up soon, for both of your sakes.