Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why do I blog?

So why I'm doing this blog is something I've been reflecting on lately, a few months into this adventure.

It was on my radar to begin with because I like to write. It's cathartic. It's creative. It helps me think things through. I used to be EMPLOYED as a medical writer, but I wrote about different treatments for different types of cancer. You know what? This is more fun. Less useful, more fun.

Speaking of useful, I think blogging really must save lives, prevent depression, all that. To connect with others from your couch. If I was home with Bubba all the time? Dude! This would be a lifeline, no joke.

Perhaps the kick start to start this blog was because I wanted an anonymous forum in which to vent about my life. It didn't seem appropriate to email even my closest friends about what my mothers' group was up to, or my in-laws and their insane situation and its effects on us, or OH MY HEAVENS BEING A MOTHER IS SO GREAT. But now that I'm into things here, it doesn't seem right to do too much uncensored venting. Sure, there is the possibility that my cover could be blown right at the moment that I post something negative about someone who bothers me. But I kind of like being semi-identifiable. My favorite blogs are usually the ones that are the most personal and reveal at least a little something. But, surprise to me, even more I like to feel like my assessments are fair and not just complainy. And writing helps me do that.

So trash-talking is out (yay, me!). Which leaves me with....fame and fortune? I'm still "building" my readership. Which is HARD WORK, yall! Marketing, commenting, designing, reading, writing, editing. In my precious evening hours after bubba is in bed, I don't read novels anymore. Cleaning? Really any excuse is ok not to do that. Just checking out other people's blogs, trying to comment, hoping others do the same. Maybe I will get better at this with time.

So what it's all about lately? I want people to read my stuff! I am sad when I don't get readers. I'm thrilled when I do. Connecting with people I've never met, there's something special about that. And at the end of the day, I'm still doing this because I like to write.


childlife said...

Proud to be a 'Whoppin' Cornbread Groupie' WAHOOOOOO!!!! : )

DaniGirl said...

I added you to my feed reader - I like to read your blog!

(It is a LOT of work, though, isn't it? Not just the blogging, but the commenting, the networking, the upkeep. Worth it, but still a lot of work!)

Meisha said...

Whopping Cornbread! I love the name, and I think it's even cooler knowing that you used a random name generator.
I started my blog for very similar reasons as you. I didn't even realize some of my reasons until I read this post. Reading and writing always help clarify my thoughts, so thanks!

boogiemum (www.boogiemum.com) said...

I agree!

I have found that my reasons, ideas, and topics about blogging have changed as I have- and my readership grown.

I am proud to be one of your subscribers :)