Friday, October 19, 2007

In which they call my bubba a toddler and I freak out

So at the orphanage where I take my bubba three days a week, there are three infant rooms, each of staggered ages. Bubba is the oldest baby in the middle class, and they want to transition him to be the youngest in the next class up, which will be transitioning to the toddler room in November.

One of their things is that they keep the classes together and don't separate the kids based on their reaching of milestones. But...but! They say H is so advanced for his age that he will be more at home with the older class. I think it's a bunch of hooey, that he's right where he should be and not advanced at all (though I admit to puffing up a bit at this appeal to my parental vanity. My child is a genius!). He's not walking, or even standing on his own, and shows no motivation to do so. Also, both J and his brother were big babies and were into the 'average' range by the second year (and neither walked till 15 months). I think that because H's body is big (96th %tile) they are assuming he can do more than he can.

So I'm talking all this smack, to friends and family and now to the internet. But I'm scared to tell them that I want to keep him in his infant class (which will go to toddler room in June). I'm all second-guessing my instincts, and worrying about what they will think of me, etc etc. Worrying that they are right and that he will get bored and start hitting his classmates (one of the things they say might happen).

J is all, just tell them no, don't give them a reason so they can't try to convince you again. Good idea and all, hope I can do it. I guess it's good to have these parenting decisions to make early on, practice for later with SCHOOL and everything. So not ready for that.


childlife said...

If I've learned one thing, when it comes to your kids, ALWAYS go with your gut. You're his mom for a reason and don't let anyone pressure you into something you aren't comfortable with. Hang in there!

Just Seeking said...

If there's one thing I have learned in my years of mommying---it's trust your own instincts, trust your own judgement. You know that child more than anyone else in the universe. The universe, sister, so don't let them talk you into anything you are not comfortable with.
Two cents!

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Melissa said...

I read this first line:
"So at the orphanage where I take my bubba three days a week.." and all I could think about was "is that safe?" Lol! I mean what if they adopt out your kid when you're not looking? ;)