Friday, February 8, 2008

Press release: Nora endorses Obama

SEATTLE: Nora Bee, author of the virtually unknown "mommy" weblog, Whopping Cornbread, announced her endorsement of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama today. She and her 14 month old son attended the political rally in support of Obama's candidacy at the Key Arena in Seattle today, which filled to its 20,000 person capacity for the event. Thousands were turned away and waited outside the stadium to listen Obama's speech in the bitter cold and rain.

Thanks to Nora's much more organized, childless friends who arrived at 8:30am to queue for the 11am rally, she joined them close to the front of the line at 10:15am, shamelessly using her baby for sympathy points. "We were all set to glare at her for cutting in line until we saw that she was carrying a baby. Then we stepped aside," said one woman nearby. "And that baby--what a cutie! I bet Senator Obama would love to plant a big smooch on that round pink cheek."

Another bystander commented, "I think she was kind of insane, bringing a baby to this event. What an idiot."

Nora, thrilled at the field of hopefuls competing for the Democratic nomination, generally felt that it was a win-win situation and that it would all just be okay. "I am in the midst of finishing my dissertation so don't have a lot of spare energy for following the political race," she said. If pressed, she would say she had been leaning toward supporting Obama but remained undecided, intending fully to leave the political process to everyone else, whom she assumes are reasonable, nice people who will do the right thing.

But with the virtual tie between Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton after "Super Tuesday," Nora decided it was time to endorse a candidate. "I can read about the candidates' positions on the Internet," said Nora. "But I wanted to be in the same room with Senator Obama to get a sense of him before making my final decision. I felt it. He is the real deal."

Nora announced her endorsement today at a press conference held at her kitchen table attended by her baby and husband. Following her endorsement, her baby threw banana slices onto the floor. Her husband asked if UPS had delivered his new printer today.

Nora left the rally before the end of Obama's speech because her baby was tired and she had run out of snacks. "I thought that if it started at 11, I would be out of there by 12:30," she said. "I didn't know that Obama wouldn't arrive until 12:45."

"That lady was kind of crazy to bring a baby to this event with no toys and not enough snacks," according to the guy staffing the entrance to the block of seats occupied by Nora and her friends. "What an idiot."

However, Nora said the enormous crowd and Obama's real-deal-ness have restored her faith in the political process. "It's like living in a real country, where people care about what happens and who they want to be their leader," she said as she chased her baby as he ran after a police dog at Key Arena.

"Obama has made it okay for me to be proud to be American again," said Nora's organized childless friend.

Senator Obama did not kiss Nora's baby.



Melissa said...

Brilliant :)

Alex Elliot said...

That's pretty cool!

Vanessa said...

I love the style of this post, fabulous! Also? Doesn't Seattle have a way of doing that to you? Making you feel like the country is powerful, strong and filled with educated people who care about the political process? I love it!

Mary Alice said...

That was the best. Love it. Love women that bring their babies to rallies. Love your baby. Love banana slices. Love Obama.

ellen said...

Nora, this is absolutely priceless! You've made my day.

Anonymous said...

Nora announced her endorsement today at a press conference held at her kitchen table attended by her baby and husband. Following her endorsement, her baby threw banana slices onto the floor. Her husband asked if UPS had delivered his new printer today

*snort* too funny. Hubby and I were discussing your elections over there, seems like the most involved and complicated voting system ever. Guess thats the price to pay when you are the most powerful nation on earth.

Mrs. G. said...

You were lucky to get in. We tried but no such luck. We might have passed each other and not known it. Buddy must not have had his spoon. I would have never missed that.

It was pretty awe-inspiring to see so many people out. I love Seattle. No lack of passion here.

Minnesota Matron said...

Nora can endorse with verve. She is a most excellent and entertaining writer--and I am 100% with her on the win-win condition the DFL nomination is shaping up to be. We just must need to: win the general election.

And -- my children are growing up in rallies, back rooms, on the street corners--in a great big blur of political action. Good for you!

She She said...

It's times like these that I wish I lived in a bigger place so we could see the candidates. Not a lot of trolling for votes going on here in northern Vermont. I, too, endorse Obama. (And now that he's won our endorsements, the rest will be history, eh?)

Melanie said...

Love it. (Though I was hoping for a big reveal at the end, such as, "As Nora frantically hustled young Bubba towards the exit, Senator Obama not only noticed the pair but insisted upon kissing the baby and gently shaking "hands" the wooden spoon clutched in the baby's wee fist.")

Childlife said...

LOL - I wanted to see a photo of Bubba waving his spoon at the rally : )


Nora could work as a free-lance journalist if she so chose.

JCK said...

This is friggin' BRILLIANT!!!!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

This was brilliant! I loved your husbands follow up question.

Jennifer said...

Awesome! (And hilarious!)

We brought our three to hear Obama speak a few weeks ago. Over 20,000 turned out for him there, too. (And yes, we were in line 1.5 hours early and yes, we waited a loooong time for him to actually take the stage. Fun, fun with kids. *eye roll*)

Isn't it exciting to be so truly excited about a candidate for a change? Whee!

What a fun post.

HRH said...

That was really fun.

Nikki said...

Isn't he wonderful-
Love at first sight for me when he spoke at Kerry's Democratic Convention.
I love what is happening in our country right now, and to be honest I am a bit shocked. Are we really, really ready for this man and the changes it will bring.
God I hope so.

Michelle Hix said...

"That lady is kind of crazy but her son is destined for greatness with a mama like that." :)

Wahoo! Go Obama! He got my caucus vote!