Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Six teeth in six days, holy crap!

I think H heard his doctor say that teething "normally" begins any time between 3 and 9 months. And then he was all like, oops, I'm almost nine months, better grow some teeth. At eight months and three and a half weeks, bam! Then a day off to recover. Next day, bam! Day after, Bam BAM, TWO! Then, bam, then today? Bam again and I have a baby with six teeth. I hardly recognize him.

Know what a nerd I am? I am giving a talk on Oct 3 for my department seminar on my study on melanoma prevention. Which actually has nothing to do with anything new about melanoma prevention because skin cancer is one of the most straightforward and cheapest cancers to prevent. But I digress. Why My Dissertation Is Stupid is like a whole nother blog. But anyway I did a whole photo shoot today so I could get a shot of H practicing good sun protection behaviors to put into my talk. Not because I have any altruistic feelings about people imitating me and my wonderful mother-ness about sun protection but really because I want to show off pictures of my bubba. And I figure I can mask blatant baby bragging to a bunch of stuffy academics by saying, ha ha, check out his wide-brimmed hat, and long sleeves, and he's in the SHADE. Never mind the naked baby shots I'm NOT going to put into my talk that show his farmer's tan. Ha.

And look, he points now too. Sometimes he even points *at* something. Even more advanced, sometimes he points at something he actually wants. A genius? I rather think so.

And you know what I just noticed? There's a car in the background (not ours). So his children can look at this and be all, that's so turn of the century. I have a picture of my mother as a toddler and the best part about it is the 1940s car in the background.

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micpro said...

What a little doll! And yep - that sparkle in the eyes definitely screams 'genius material' : )