Thursday, October 9, 2008

Earnest reflecting interrupted by Facebook

First, you know, at work, I go on Facebook and I'm all, I'm bickering with Jeff on gchat right now. And someone comments with a frowny face and I'm all OH NO I've pulled a TMI. Should not talk about fighting with husband on FB. Faux pas. So 20 minutes later I'm all, no more bickering! See! Happily married! I earnestly reflect on how I should blog about anger and its nonplace in discussions of marriage.

Then later I see someone else's link to the dissertation dance contest where you can make a video of your dissertation as an interpretive dance for prizes so I send it to my PhD friend who then posts it on HER Facebook page and then we are all making dorky comments like ha ha ha I could never make a dance about clinical utility and mine would be so dumb because it would just be a bunch of people standing around not caring or paying for a stupid genetic test. Finally our coolest friend saves the day by reminding us that we will need scarves. Nerdy nerd nerd all over the place.

Then a woman from my high school posts something like JUST WONDERING why aren't more people concerned about Obama's known associations with a domestic terrorist. And then I go gchat with another high school friend and I'm all go see! And she's all smart and stuff and writes this beautiful response full of facts about why she thinks it's not a big deal. And then this OTHER guy writes in and is all Ayers is in bed with Hugo Chavez and socialist and radical and get your facts right and it just gets nasty quickly and so I feel compelled to stand with my friend and I write in all I agree with my friend, but wouldn't it be great if the students at our old HS were engaging in debates about politics right now? Wouldn't that be great! And then the hostiess is all don't comment if you can't bring more to the table LOL. I swear she said LOL. And then I'm all, just all done with that thread but thank GOD for the chance to interact with people with a range of views, yes? Thank heavens for high school.

And then sometime in there I become a Facebook fan of The Bloggess and this other woman from high school sends me a message and is all, you too? I love her! And it turns out that she has a blog that totally gets a ton of comments and through my ENVY I realize I can see why once I go peek at it.

And meanwhile I had started the day in earnest reflection about my life as a mother because I'm excited no thrilled no relieved no I just exhaled and didn't know I needed to because Hugo doesn't need any more bloodwork, which means I can stop dying a little bit every time we have to go to the hospital. Four months of owies and train stickers, and he is all done. Plenty o' platelets. Thank GOD.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so darn happy about Hugo...way to go little man!

Bah, Facebook!

Hey, ya know something? The Bloggess comment on my blog once. Truly. No lies. I'm gonna have Here lies Hay, The Bloggess commented on her blog once engraved on my tombstone. When I'm dead. Or maybe I should do it now and sit it in the lounge where I can enjoy it. Mmmmm, food for thought.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Thank God for your boy's health, yes.

And Facebook? You are a braver woman than I.

Now, I feel a little namedroppish but I did get a picture of myself with The Bloggess in the bathroom of the SF St. Francis Westin hotel in July. She is outrageous and lovely.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Okay, seriously I think my head just got so big it exploded. It might be just be my sinuses but I think it's probably this post. Thank you.

Also, I would NEVER talk to people I went to High School with just as they would never talk to me. I think if I did I would automatically turn right back into the scared goth girl hiding in the bathroom with a book during lunch and free study. You got guts.

Nowheymama said...

Facebook is so weird, isn't it? Hey, look! There's my HS boyfriend and his partner! My college roommate just posted drunk photos of me from 15 years ago! Here's another blogger! Ack.

I'm so happy about Hugo.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I refuse to go near Facebook.

Such good news about your baby boy.

jonniker said...

It's all so truly bizarre when you think about it. I have made the grave error of referring to something bloggish on my Facebook account and panicked because I'm FB friends with my in-laws and God, I'm just a DOPE.

All things considered, the further away I get from high school, the more I realize that our experience was probably pretty good compared to most. I don't remember any of the girl drama so many of my friends do, you know? I mean, do you?

I didn't even realize what a giant dork I was until I went to college!

(And thank you for the compliment. Am thoroughly embarrassed.)

Lisa Milton said...

I played on FB last night for hours. It's surreal but I love it overall.

I'm amazed how many people I've reconnected with.

And I am so glad Hugo is good; no more hospital visits. That's something to celebrate right there.

Grounded Girl said...

The frowny face wasn't genuine worry-- just sadness that there was disharmony in your life : )
I am glad all is well on that front, however.

I so wish that I had been better friends with you and Jonniker during high school. This whole FB battle thing with the ignorami? That was most of my HS experience. I now see that high school could have been far, far worse (as Jonniker said, we didn't have the Mean Girl stuff going on), but I really wish that I had found a point of connection.

Love this post, Nora Bee. So very glad the H man is in the clear.

Misty said...

1- Yay for Hugo! awesome...

2- So glad to be swept up in your Facebook drama so that I can avoid my own. :)

J and J Acres said...

I think 99% of my facebook friends are for Obama. One even comapared Obama to Jesus, who she said was a community organizer too. Now THAT is a little over the top!

But yes, facebook drama. Ahh...

Noelle said...

Such a fun post!

Yay for Hugo!

S was right about your stream of consciousness style. It translates well into a play-by-play breakdown of FB interactions - which S actually wrote to me about yesterday. I had my own political conversation thread I was basically forced to follow because it erupted from a post I made (that PBS poll - go check it out and see all 25 comments).

I honestly forget that I have at least 2 vocal (and probably many more non-vocal) conservative friends who follow me on Facebook. And that's fine and all, but I don't interact personally with that many conservatives, so it baffles me to watch these conversations unfold. Ugh - and there's more on S's profile today that I just *had* to get involved with myself.

I posted on my blog awhile back a day in the life of me interacting with brands - and trust me, I felt like a consumer whore after posting it and I know my consumption habits are probably lesser than many of my peers.

I've wondered what it would be like to track a play by play of other things - like how I might spend an hour or two on the computer - you know, click for click. How many times do I refresh my email? How many times do I go back to my google homepage just so I can link out again? What websites do I interact with the most? (Google Reader, Google Homepage, Gmail and Facebook - I'm sure).

The Facebook universe is strange, indeed. But fun. :-)

Mrs. G. said...

I'm so thrilled for Hugo!!!

I have never been to Facebook. For me, it would be a pandora's box.

Childlife said...

"Nerdy nerd nerd all over the place..." LOL! :D

So very, very glad that Hugo is in the clear!

Anonymous said...

Facebook is evil, isn't it? Totally evil. I mean, how many other places can you reconnect with a friend from junior high just to have them "food fling" rice gruel at you? Seriously!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I haven't done Facebook. There are only two people that I still even talk to from high school and we communicate once a year. Via Christmas cards.

Christmas cards are the new Facebook.

Irene said...

Wow, that was a hell of a galloping post.

Maggie, Dammit said...

SO glad to hear about Hugo.

(And Facebook is the devil.)

Tricia said...

I'm not quite sure I followed all this and was thinking, oh yea, that's why I can't do Facebook, then I got to the end and was so happy to read great news about your son. It must be a big relief.

Minnesota Matron said...

Good news about the little guy. Whew. And the Matron id technologically dizzy, just reading this.

Melissa said...

Yay. No more bloodwork. That was awful. I'm glad everything checks out well now.