Sunday, July 29, 2007

Too much hat

So I bought a sun hat for my baby, because I'm all about the sun protection. My dissertation is on skin cancer prevention, after all (ha!). It is way too big for him, but makes a cute picture.

It will look even cuter when he is 12 and it fits him.

I have this whole thing that raccoons are my power animal since I seem to see them at times of important decision. And look! I'm intelligent! Assertive! Confident! The other night two of them got into a huge fight in our yard, the day I had to make a decision about day care vs. babysitter. I was surprisingly torn up about it. And the raccoons appeared, had their fight, and I was calmed and knew just what we had to do, even if it meant firing a perfectly wonderful babysitter that we had just hired. See it was all about having the confidence to make a good choice for us even if it wasn't best for everyone. It was actually about making a choice that would benefit me personally, and cost my husband more money in child care and my baby more time away from me. And this is not the first time that raccoons have appeared to me in times of trouble. So I do think there is something there, with me and the raccoons. But then, they had to go and ruin our little moment by breaking into our yard again last night. And what spiritual guidance am I supposed to glean from this?

I suspect it may just be a torn up ball.

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