Saturday, July 28, 2007

Can I buy this stuff?

We were in Best Buy today. Ack! We keep our forays into Americana to a minimum, because we just don't thrive in malls and traffic and chain stores, etc. I do appreciate the convenience of parking right where you shop, but these trips do tend to make me tired and cranky. And when J and I go there together it is much worse, we feed off each other and end up miserable. But we need (need? want) a new CD player, and so there we were. And there was a fire alarm, like a real one. And the whole store had to evacuate, fire trucks and the whole thing. As we were leaving, we heard a woman ask, can I just buy this stuff first? We had a moment of solemn reflection at the state of American Saturday afternoon commerce and at how easy it is to ignore fire alarms. The staff, as it happens, told her no, but they would hold it for her. Our solemn reflection, unfortunately, took the form of us self-righteously saying, WHAT? Can you BELIEVE that? And mocking her, "the fire is at the back, right, so I can just pay for this up front" and such. See, J and I should not go into Americana together. We turn into horrible people.

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Melissa said...

Ok, you know what's funny about this story? I had a dream (which I need to post about at some point) and in it there was a disaster occurring and I was trying to decide if I should pay for my meal before fleeing the restaurant to try to get to safety. I chose to try to do it quickly but it was taking a really long time and part of me was thinking "Come ON! I NEED to get out of here but I'd really like to PAY you first!!!" Meanwhile another part was thinking "Um... it's a national disaster... I'm sure it's ok if I leave without paying" but I felt like that was wrong and if I could just get it done really quickly it'd be ok!