Friday, July 27, 2007

The First Post

So, hi. I'm basically here because I read other blogs and I think, I can do that. I think I will write a novel someday, but really probably I won't. But I might write a few blog entries.

Here is my yummy baby:

The name of this blog came from a random word generator.

I like to cook.
I am in the final painful stages of completing my dissertation.
I have a nice husband.
I read novels.
I recycle. But I think it's the law in Seattle.
We have overgrown blackberries in our backyard.

I am 34. I can't believe I'm 34 because the last time I checked, I was 32. Then I got pregnant and then I birthed a baby (I TOTALLY birthed a baby!) and took care of him for awhile, and then ooop there's another birthday. What happened?

I can't figure out how on EARTH I am going to balance work and life. To be away from my baby is like leaving home without my arm. But when he is with me all the time I get kind of bored, as you would with your arm for company. Here's another toy! Here's a book with four cardboard pages! He starts in day care next week. It all seems completely unreasonable.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I read all the way through to the first post :)

I LOVE your baby pictures. He is such a cutie. And I love his smile!

I also love how you picked the name for your blog! Now I wish I'd done that! Maybe at some point I will.

Thank you again for stopping by mine :)