Sunday, December 21, 2008


Too many days stuck in the snow in a tiny house with a two year old, his father, and a bag of red/green M&M's (they were for the cookies, see, and there were leftovers). It's all snowmen and sledding and hot chocolate and cookies and movies and naps--yum yum. Apparently, however, my brain is turning to mush. You would think I would use this down time to unleash my creative genius or something. HA!

So not that I have huge amounts of time to sit around what with all the frolicking in the snow and whatnot, but during Hugo's nap I'm on Facebook for the billionth time, because what? It's snowing! And because Jeff is a useless distraction, being on the phone with his uncle a few feet away planning how to turn a 486 computer into a ROBOTIC WOOD CUTTER or something (I think that's actually what they are doing, it's far stranger than what I could make up) on our soon-to-be-cancelled-due-to-crap-weather-if-I-have-anything-to-say-about-it trip to Jeff's ancestral lands for Christmas.

It got so ridiculous that I actually did some work, which is very unlike me, so I had one of my many-times-daily identity crises so I update my FB status to say Nora is doing WORK out of snowed-ing boredom! Someone challenge me to Scrabble or something. And it even had that stupid spelling error (snowed-ing!) --I blame it on overheated femurs and bad wrist angle from typing on my laptop in a cushy chair. But even if you could read it to say snowed-IN it shows how I get kind of needy and unconfident when I'm bored. Why couldn't I start my own Scrabble game? Back to the therapist for me!

And of my 156 Facebook friends--seriously, doesn't Facebook need some new words for friend, a la Eskimos and snow?--but I digress--of 156 friends Noelle, bless her sweet heart, challenges me to a game of Facebook Scrabble.

The thing about Noelle is that (a) she is awesome and (b) I have only met her once. We shared a great evening celebrating our gorgeous mutual friend Susanna's birthday with cupcakes and champagne. But it was a she's-my-peeps kind of thing and Susanna is a great friend-blender so practically before the champagne had worn off Noelle and I were Facebook Friends. And this is seriously my good fortune because I have discovered through the world of Facebook that she is indeed as cool as I thought. Moreso, even.

So here I am so thrilled to be in a game of Facebook Scrabble with Noelle that I immediately log in to take my first turn. And FB Scrabble has a little chat box where you can chat about the moves or whatever. I'm so tickled that I type in the chat box I love you, Nicole.

And then I play my turn (RANDY) and then I'm all holy crap her name is Noelle, it's not Nicole. Holy holy crap. So I go back in and I'm all I mean Noelle sorry sorry sorry aren't you glad we're not dating sorry sorry.

My brain, it is snowing in there. So that unwritten post about Mr Football Coach Civics Teacher from High School, God rest his recently departed soul, who called me Lori regularly (my name is NORA) so I couldn't quite get as you know INTO his passing as all my fellow alumni who were all over Facebook like nothing would ever be the same now EVER? I can't write that one now. Hello pot? It's kettle. You're black.

And the WORST part is that when I met her I had this same brain THING and I actually SAID is it Nicole or Noelle and she was all it's Noelle oh my I'm SO not a Nicole.

So, now am like Football Coach Civics Teacher man who calls people by the wrong name. Let's just be glad that I was never called the wrong name by a man I was dating or I'd be all over that story here and you'd be all too much information and never come back. I think I need some M&Ms.


Christine said...

You are SO funny!

We're snowed in down in Tacoma as well. My house is clean, my checkbook is balanced and I"m considering doing the ironing. That's how bored I am.

Hang in there, Lori. (hee hee!)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have heard about Facebook Scrabble and it sounds like something I should never, ever try.

Don't you hate it when your brain is 2 steps behind your mouth (or fingers in this case)?

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I love the snowing-in-your-brain description; I get that feeling.

I'm with Jenn - I can never, ever get involved with FB Scrabble.

Merry Christmas :D

susan said...

Facebook has scrabble? I've just started playing with my FB again because I'm feeling a bit stir-crazy!

It's time for this mess to go away!

sarah bean said...

Bwahahaha. Yep, that's a woman definately in need of some more m&ms ;)

Minnesota Matron said...

This is why I stumble on that field, too! Facebook is a whole new dance for this elder. Happy winter! It's our turn for the snow. . .

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

It's called cabin fever what you have, but it sure does make you funny. I know the feeling, though, and the only solution is for the snow to melt so you can get in your car and drive anywhere at all.

Lisa Milton said...

You are not a loser, just cold. The temperatures are morphing our braincells.

It's a theory I will develop, once I harness some body heat again.

Heidi said...

God bless you, Nora (and I'm not even religious). I still obsess about the day over 10 years ago that I called some woman "Lauren" even though her name was "Laura", or something. In fact, I don't even remember what her name was!! And we were only friends of friends. I tip my wine glass to you! in honor of all those (not-really-stupid-but-we-obsess-about-them-anyway) things we've all done.

Heidi said...

God bless you, Nora (and I'm not even religious). I still obsess about the day over 10 years ago that I called some woman "Lauren" even though her name was "Laura", or something. In fact, I don't even remember what her name was!! And we were only friends of friends. I tip my wine glass to you! in honor of all those (not-really-stupid-but-we-obsess-about-them-anyway) things we've all done.

Heidi said...

why did that post twice? I guess it'll up your numbers so that's good?

Noelle said...

I had this super witty, even brilliant comment all typed out yesterday. Seriously, it was perfect. Funny, flattered (by your post), flattering (things about yourself and Susanna) - talking about how even my own brother has called me Nicole. Granted, we were hanging out a lot with a mutual friend named Nicole at the time, but I digress.

Then, boom. Lights out. Internet connection out. Doors locked down. Power outage. Only one in this snowy city. Ugh. Computer on. Post. No internet connection detected. Back. Nothing. Refresh. Still nothing.

So I would try to retype the little history of how I used to play Scrabulous, then the whole Hasbro debacle happened and I quit.

Then I would tell you about how I was also feeling cabin feverish and needed added distraction and decided to play Scrabble as a way to make the day more interesting.

I would tell you these things, but they won't be nearly as perfect as that first comment that was. Don't you just hate that feeling? The feeling of a perfect first draft, lost into oblivion. I'm sure it wasn't actually that good, but absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Vanessa said...

Oh wow! Snowmegeddon really is bad! Also? I love Facebook scrabble if you ever want to play.

Claire B. said...

Aww, gee. I, too have hit "enter" on a facebook comment way too soon for my own good, only to regret it for days and wonder if the recipient thinks I'm as big of a dork as I do.

It's okay, Lori, people will soon forget.

kayonne said...

I have a friend named Noelle-Nicole.

If that helps.

At all.


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